TSA And The Looming Threat Of Forced Unionization

Katie Gage
December 1, 2010

In spite of having its forced unionization agenda rejected just a few, short weeks ago, the Obama Administration refuses to take no for an answer. It is continuing its push to unionize whatever industry it can, wherever it can, whenever it can get away with it. The most recent target is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Despite bipartisan warnings from elected officials and industry experts, the White House appears more interested in rewarding union bosses than advancing the security of hardworking, everyday Americans. And the effort to “payback” Big Labor at the expense of travelers doesn’t stop with the TSA.

Just last week, Big Labor continued its efforts to unionize Delta Airlines, something they’ve been salivating over since its merger with unionized Northwest Airlines. However, Delta’s workers continue to vote against unionization, despite the union-friendly National Mediation Board’s (NMB) rule change upending almost a century of precedent regarding workplace elections in the airline and railroad industries. In spite of the pro-union boss, anti-worker policy passed by the NMB, the workers at Delta Airlines have voted against forming a union eight separate times.

Still unwilling to take “no” for an answer, labor bosses are now appealing to their friends at the NMB to force unionization on Delta’s workers, while at the same time trying to unionize the security personnel whose jobs have been in the headlines this holiday travel season.

Just recently, another Federal agency – namely the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) – decided that labor bosses can campaign to unionize TSA staffers.

Really? Does this make sense to anyone? A country with unionized airline workers could be detrimental to our security as well as our economy. With new TSA regulations being enforced, leading to large public debate over pat downs and full body scanners, the looming threat of TSA unionization only adds to the concerns Americans will have about the future of air travel.

The TSA must be able to respond quickly and decisively to any and all threats presented ensuring the safety of its cargo (i.e. us). Instead, unionizing this Federal agency will essentially give union bosses veto authority over our security. Any changes in operations will need to be approved by Big Labor, in the process, leaving American citizens exposed, assuming the changes in protocol are even sanctioned by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) and/or National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).

A unionized TSA could also mean that these agents would be funneling large amounts of dues to the political spending machine that is Big Labor. Having spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect President Obama, advance his agenda and promote union-friendly Members of Congress, Big Labor is constantly looking for new ways to increase its dwindling numbers and replenish its empty coffers. By infiltrating a government division such as the TSA, Big Labor will be gaining even greater footing within the government, while also receiving dues from more of its employees.

So, not only are our tax dollars going to union bosses who in turn use them to elect their supporters and punish their opponents, but our safety is put at risk at the same time. These are the very same short-sighted, special-interest awards Americans rejected on November 2nd, yet in span of less than a month, the message seems lost upon the intended recipients.

With Big Labor’s number one priority – the job-killing Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) – shelved, desperation has set in and a wild power grab has commenced. The last thing our nation’s security needs is to be entangled in the web of Big Labor’s self-serving, anti-democratic agenda.

The TSA is facing enough challenges without the added dangers of forced unionization. The Obama Administration can and should do better. The American people are watching.

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WFI is working to prevent passage of the so-called Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act)—a wholesale labor reform package that takes the current careful balance of labor rules and tips it greatly in the favor of labor bosses and forced collective bargaining.

The PRO Act robs workers of the right to a secret ballot to form a union, forces union contracts on workers without a vote of approval, and expose workers’ personal contact information to union bosses seeking to organize a workplace. And that’s just the start.

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Dear Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy: On behalf of the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI), I am writing to share our organization’s vehement opposition to H.R. 2474, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act). WFI has serious concerns with the broad, overreaching nature of this legislation and the many ways in which it would undermine worker freedom and privacy, while simultaneously threatening businesses and entire industries that keep America’s economy thriving. Please note that WFI will include votes on the PRO Act and its amendments on our Congressional Labor Scorecard, which scores and ranks legislators based on their activity associated with workplace issues. WFI was established to fight for American employees and employers as well as our entire economy. We believe in worker empowerment, the right of workers to be fully informed of the options available for worker-involvement in the workplace, and the right to freely choose whether to organize or not. No individual or group – government, a union or an employer – should be able to intimidate or restrict workers’ in exercising these rights. In an attempt to boost flailing union membership at the expense of workers’ rights, the PRO Act would upend decades of established U.S. labor law and institute myriad anti-employee and anti-employer policies that have already been soundly rejected—by Congress, various federal agencies, or the courts. Among its most blatant affronts to workers’ rights, the PRO Act would eliminate the right to a secret ballot when determining whether to unionize and enforce a “card check” system, exposing workers to the potential for harassment, intimidation, and coercion. The PRO Act would also enforce binding arbitration in union negotiations by a government- appointed bureaucrat; repeal and eliminate right-to-work laws in 27 states, force workers to fund union activities regardless of whether they support them; and threaten the ability of individuals to operate as independent contractors, eliminating traditional economic and employment opportunities and threatening the independence and flexibility of the emerging gig economy. On top of all that, the PRO Act would force all workers’ personal and home contact information to be provided to a union during organizing campaigns – in an electronic, searchable format no less, with no limit on what a union can do with that information. WFI believes in advancing sensible policies that protect and preserve the rights of both employees and employers, and we welcome the opportunity to work with legislators who also support these efforts. However, the PRO Act does not achieve these goals and would instead threaten the rights of both while jeopardizing our entire economy. WFI urges members of the House to strongly oppose the PRO Act. Sincerely, Heather Greenaway Executive Director Workforce Fairness Institute See the letter here.
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