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A New Year, a New Day for American Workers

The right to privacy.

The right to a private ballot vote.

The right to be free from harassment and coercion.

The right to run a successful business and pursue the American dream.

For the last decade, a seemingly endless barrage of politically motivated public policies, regulations, and mandates have taken their toll on the rights of American workers and our entire economy. That’s why the Workforce Fairness Institute is taking a stand—for all American workers, employees, and businesses.

Revisiting Our Mission

The Workforce Fairness Institute believes:

  • Workers should be empowered to make their own decisions. They should have the right to fully inform themselves of their options and the to freely choose whether to organize or not.
  • No individual or group should restrict workers’ rights. No one should intimidate or infringe upon workers exercising their basic rights, including government, employers, and unions.
  • All parties should work together to create harmonious, productive workplaces. Employees, management and freely elected unions should work collaboratively to support policies that protect workers and support economic growth.
  • Our elected officials must do more to protect workers’ rights as well as legitimate management prerogatives. We can no longer allow unelected government bureaucrats to enact and enforce rules that stretch the law for partisan benefits.

Charting a New Course for the American Workforce

With the 115th Congress in place and the new Administration taking shape, we are hopeful that legislators, policy makers, and regulators will pursue a new direction. This is a golden opportunity to correct the damaging government policies in the months and years ahead. It’s time for Congress to stand up for Main Street, not kowtow to Washington interests.

We need policies that foster true employer-employee engagement to:

  • Protect workers’ rights
  • Promote economic growth
  • Create a positive workplace environment
  • Provide employers the flexibility to implement policies that work for everyone

This isn’t a matter of Republicans vs. Democrats, or conservatives vs. liberals; it is a matter of protecting all workers and businesses that help keep our economy strong—and doing whatever we can to make it even stronger in the future.

The Workforce Fairness Institute is leading the way, galvanizing employers and employees alike to help us close the door on these harmful policies and release the U.S. economy from the stranglehold of government mandates and regulations.

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