Blog » Alliance To Protect Nevada Jobs Calls On Clark County Commissioners To Take Action Against Union Boss Harassment Tactics

Alliance To Protect Nevada Jobs Calls On Clark County Commissioners To Take Action Against Union Boss Harassment Tactics

Alliance To Protect Nevada Jobs Calls On Clark County Commissioners To Take Action Against Union Boss Harassment Tactics

Aggressive Protests Are Set To Resume At The Cosmopolitan Resort This Saturday

(October 30, 2013) –Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs (APNJ) sent a letter to the Chairman and Commissioners of Clark County and the Clark County District Attorney asking them to enforce the law and arrest Culinary Union Local 226 picketers who are inciting aggression by attacking tourists visiting Las Vegas, while protesting on the strip.

Chapter 12.33 of the county Code makes it unlawful for “any person” “to challenge another person to a fight,” “incite a disturbance” or “interfere with, annoy, accost, or harass any other person with conduct which by its nature would tend to incite a disturbance,” the letter states. “This is precisely what the union is doing at The Cosmopolitan.”

Over the last three weeks, the APNJ has released three web videos showing union bullies harassing tourists calling them names such as “retards,” “beached whales” and “losers,” among others. These videos have gained national attention and legislators of both parties have publicly denounced labor’s guerilla tactics.

APNJ’s letter to the Clark County officials demands a response to the actions of the leadership of Culinary Union Local 226, as they are doing serious damage to the Las Vegas economy: “These guerilla tactics are telling visitors to Las Vegas to stay out of Clark County; they will cost the county jobs and threaten an already weak economy. The county must stand up for its citizens and move to protect the tourists it invites into the county.”

In a Channel 8 News Interview, Captain Robert Duvall of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department admitted, “They’re (union bosses) using different and what can be described as more aggressive tactics.”

“These protests are not civil at all, they are intentionally malicious,” stated Ron Futrell, spokesman for the Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs (APNJ). “Union leadership not only refuses to condemn these tactics, they are increasing them and are openly encouraging riots on the strip while provoking tourists without any consequences. It is time for the County Commission to step up and enforce the law before these protests get much worse.”

After vowing to be there every weekend until their demands were met, the Local Culinary Union 226 canceled their scheduled protest of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino last weekend, but will return on November 1st. A recentVegas Inc. news article reported that in this weekend’s schedule protest, Culinary Union bosses “plan to let Metro Police arrest them on the Strip for the second time this year in protest of stalled contract negotiations at the Cosmopolitan.”

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“Union Using More Aggressive Tactics”:

“Metro has been keeping an eye on union protests and has had to increase the amount of officers monitoring. More protests were scheduled to take place here this weekend but were cancelled. The Culinary Union would not say why or comment further on these cancellations.” (KLAS-TV, 10/18/13))


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