Empowered Workers. Free and Fair Workplaces.

For the last decade, workers and businesses have suffered from politically motivated public policies that have eroded worker rights and hurt small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy. Employers and employees alike are ready to turn the page on this outdated view of workforce policy that weighs down the economy with mandates and regulations, and look forward to policies that foster robust employer-employee engagement to ensure the protections and rights of workers, to promote economic growth, and to create an environment where employers have the flexibility to innovate and implement policies that work for the employer, employee and customer.

Americans need their elected representatives in Congress to step forward and stop the policies that reward well-connected insiders in Washington, D.C. and hurt Main Street USA. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue; it is a pro-worker issue.

This is why the Workforce Fairness Institute is undertaking a campaign to fight for American employees and employers by showing the public both the positive and negative actions taken by elected officials and their agents on worker and workplace policies. Not only will we undertake an aggressive public relations effort, we will also score and rank Members of Congress based on their deeds, not their words, so the public has a clear picture of who among our elected leaders is really pro-worker and pro-growth. It is time to get tough with Congress on behalf of workers. Saying the right things just doesn’t cut it. It’s time for freedom and fairness in the workplace. It’s time for action. And it is time for America’s workforce to know who are the true champions on their issues.

WFI Mission

We believe in worker empowerment, the right of workers to be fully informed of the options available for worker-involvement in the workplace and the right to freely choose whether to organize or not. We believe that no individual or group – government, a union or an employer – should intimidate or restrict workers’ in exercising these rights. We believe that workers, management and unions, when freely elected, can and should work together to create a harmonious productive workplace environment and to jointly support policies that protect workers and support economic growth. We believe our elected leaders must do more to protect workers’ rights as well as legitimate management prerogatives; and not allow unelected government bureaucrats to make rules and stretch the law for the partisan benefit of one side and not the commonwealth.

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National Survey: Voters Alarmed About PRO Act Impact On Workers’ Rights And Small Businesses - June 2021

Voters are concerned the PRO Act would limit workers’ rights and choices.

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AK: PRO Act could hurt AK small biz - August 4, 2021

The PRO Act will hurt small businesses, the backbone Alaska's economy.

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AZ: Labor Bill Threatens Minority, Women, Small, Veteran, and Disadvantaged-Owned Contractors - August 3, 2021

Legislation being pushed by politicians in Washington, D.C., could have a severe impact on Arizona workers and businesses, particularly diverse-owned contractors in the construction industry.

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AZ: Sinema, Kelly should oppose PRO Act - August 1, 2021

The proposed "Protecting the Right to Organize Act" (PRO ACT), S.420, has the potential to create hardships for business owners by forcing unionization on Arizona workers and workplaces.

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