Tell Congress: Stop the PRO Act


WFI is working to prevent passage of the so-called Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act)—a wholesale labor reform package that takes the current careful balance of labor rules and tips it greatly in the favor of labor bosses and forced collective bargaining. 

The PRO Act robs workers of the right to a secret ballot to form a union, forces representation on employers and employees without a vote of approval, and exposes workers’ personal contact information to union bosses seeking to organize a workplace. And that’s just the start. 

Tell your representative today to vote "NO" on the PRO Act. 

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Recent News

AZ: Kill the PRO Act - September 28, 2021

"There are all sorts of legislative proposals out there right now, but the heavy-handed approach that some in Congress are taking – either through the Protecting the Right to Organize Act or by trying to force some of the bill’s extremely onerous fines through Congress via the current budget — is not something most Kingman business owners want."

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AZ: Don't Change State Constitution - September 23, 2021

"When there are so many larger issues facing our workers, businesses, and communities, changing our state constitution to wipe right-to-work laws off the books is tremendously misguided."

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AZ: Murkowski Should Say NO to PRO Act - September 14, 2021

"I believe it is vital that elected officials do their best to ensure the needs of their constituents are well represented in Washington. That is why I’m hoping Senator Murkowski will oppose the Democrat-led Protecting the Right to Organize Act (“PRO” Act)."

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VA: PRO Act hurts Virginia's businesses - September 9, 2021

"The Virginia businesses that have managed to survive the pandemic face a substantial additional threat, thanks to a proposal in Congress called the Protecting the Right to Organize Act."

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National Survey: Voters Alarmed About PRO Act Impact On Workers' Rights And Small Businesses

Voters are concerned the PRO Act would limit workers’ rights and choices.

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Study: PRO Act Would Reduce Workers’ Incomes and Job Opportunities

Eliminating right-to-work protections leaves unionized workers financially worse off.

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Study: State-Level Costs of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

The PRO Act's independent worker reclassification provision alone could cost as much as $57 billion nationwide.

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