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Here we examine the positions and legislative records of all Members of Congress on workplace fairness and freedom issues.

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AZ: Former Senator Blanche Lincoln Discusses Her Opposition To The Pro Act. Senator Wyden Wants To Tax “Unrealized Gains” - October 28, 2021

Former Senator Blanche Lincoln discusses her opposition to the Pro Act.

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NH: Stop of PRO Act - October 23, 2021

"Live Free or Die” is more than just our state's official motto – it's how many New Hampshire business owners prefer to operate."

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AK: PRO Act comes with many cons - October 18, 2021

"Alaskans would be better off if politicians in Washington focused on real solutions."

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AK: Murkowski Should Oppose PRO Act In Any Form - October 12, 2021

"Democrats in Washington are trying to push through harmful policies that will benefit their Big Labor donors at the expense of local businesses and Alaska workers."

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Memo: 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Race: Youngkin Wins Against Labor Backed McAuliffe

With voters’ decision about who to support in the Virginia gubernatorial election reached, this memo shows how issues surrounding labor policy at both the federal and state levels clearly impacted the conversation and will inform future political outcomes.

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National Survey: Voters Alarmed About PRO Act Impact On Workers' Rights And Small Businesses

Voters are concerned the PRO Act would limit workers’ rights and choices.

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Study: PRO Act Would Reduce Workers’ Incomes and Job Opportunities

Eliminating right-to-work protections leaves unionized workers financially worse off.

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Study: State-Level Costs of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

The PRO Act's independent worker reclassification provision alone could cost as much as $57 billion nationwide.

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