Tell Congress: Stop the PRO Act


WFI is working to prevent passage of the so-called Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act)—a wholesale labor reform package that takes the current careful balance of labor rules and tips it greatly in the favor of labor bosses and forced collective bargaining. 

The PRO Act robs workers of the right to a secret ballot to form a union, forces representation on employers and employees without a vote of approval, and exposes workers’ personal contact information to union bosses seeking to organize a workplace. And that’s just the start. 

Tell your representative today to vote "NO" on the PRO Act. 

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Congressional Scorecard

Here we examine the positions and legislative records of all Members of Congress on workplace fairness and freedom issues.

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Recent News

NH: How Hidden Business Fines In Build Back Better Are Hurting Granite State Businesses - January 4, 2022

Acting President of the NH BIA talks about the hidden business fines in the Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill, these fines are from the PRO Act which they are now trying to pass.

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AK: Letter: Congress interference - January 3, 2021

Small-business owners in Alaska face cascading crises. Congress shouldn’t make it worse. The global pandemic, the economic shutdown of 2020, the worst inflation in a generation, supply chain disruptions, and a worker shortage have many Alaska businesses wondering what’s next.

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AZ: Hurting Small Businesses - December 21, 2021

Even with the economy on the rebound, the pandemic has already done so much damage on small business, impacting everything from consumer demand to the global supply chain. Many local businesses haven’t been able to weather the storm, and now the ones that have managed to keep their doors open face an even bigger threat from elected officials who should be working to make things better, not worse.

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ME: Fines on employers should be stripped from the Build Back Better bill - December 22, 2021

Every day we speak with business owners who are facing a crisis. The crisis is not always the same. Throughout Maine, small and mid-sized employers are dealing with labor shortages, supply chain problems, rampant inflation, COVID, and COVID mandates. To this grim list, some in Washington seek to slap employers with punishing civil penalties.

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Study: Revenue Estimates of PRO Act Penalties

Some Senators and Members of Congress are considering adding a provision to the reconciliation bill to levy civil penalties on employers for unfair labor practices. Under the new provision, employers could be fined $50,000 to $100,000 for each unfair labor practice. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated in December 2019 that such a provision would increase revenues to the Federal government by $39 million over 10 years.

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Memo: 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Race: Youngkin Wins Against Labor Backed McAuliffe

With voters’ decision about who to support in the Virginia gubernatorial election reached, this memo shows how issues surrounding labor policy at both the federal and state levels clearly impacted the conversation and will inform future political outcomes.

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National Survey: Voters Alarmed About PRO Act Impact On Workers' Rights And Small Businesses

Voters are concerned the PRO Act would limit workers’ rights and choices.

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Study: PRO Act Would Reduce Workers’ Incomes and Job Opportunities

Eliminating right-to-work protections leaves unionized workers financially worse off.

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Study: State-Level Costs of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

The PRO Act's independent worker reclassification provision alone could cost as much as $57 billion nationwide.

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