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Protect our Workforces from Micro-Unions

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) allowed a union to organize only certain sales associates at a Macy's in Saugus, Massachusetts.  This cherry-picking of workers into a micro-union is the result of the NLRB turning decades of labor law on its head.

If allowed to stand, will mean business owners will be facing skyrocketing legal costs to deal with the newest way union bosses are forcing unionization on an unwilling workforce.

These micro-unions will sow division, discord and disharmony in America’s workplaces and will tie up employers in so much red tape that it will mean the end of many small businesses.

We need our lawmakers in Washington to undo the NLRB's egregious decisions.

Our elected officials must:

  • Stop union bosses from dividing up the workplace and choosing only those workers who agree with them.
  • Restore the traditional criteria that governed how unions could be formed.
  • Save business owners and workers the headaches that multiple micro-unions in a workplace would cause.

Tell your Members of Congress to end micro-unions today!

Tell your friends and co-workers to tell their lawmakers to protect America's jobs and workplace.

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