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  • WFI Staff -

    Berkley & Big Labor: Blurring The Lines Between Academia & Union Activism

    It looks like Big Labor has found yet another avenue to advance their pro-union agenda: American universities.  According to The Washington Free Beacon, “a coalition of foundations and union front groups is funding an academic post at the University of California at … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    Minimum Wage Hike Challenged In Seattle

    The effort to raise the minimum wage in Seattle by a staggering 60 percent – from the current $9.32 an hour to $15 an hour – over the next several years is being challenged by a local business group, Forward … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    Congress Fights For Workers’ Privacy

    Last week, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee introduced legislation in the Senate that would “prevent the National Labor Relations Board from implementing a rule requiring businesses to turn over employees’ personal phone numbers and email addresses during union organizing … Continue reading

  • WFI Staff -

    “Worker Centers” Are The New Big Labor

    We’ve talked about worker centers before.  They’re the Big Labor-funded “charitable organizations” that take the fight to force unionization on American companies and workers one, two or in some cases several steps further than unions are legally allowed. Well, now according to … Continue reading

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